Advantages and benefits of being in
the Tech City

Gateway City

Gateway to the world. It attracts global leaders and companies, and internationalizes national companies. Countless international cooperation agreements with the European Community, China, USA, Russia, England, Canada, Ecuador, and Vietnam.

Diversity in Sciences

Knowledge accumulated and applied in various sectors, generating economic complexity and sophistication to the productive sector. Here, state-of-the-art aerospace technology interacts with health, energy, automotive, environmental, oil and gas, chemical, textile, mobility, smart cities, IOT and others.

Laboratory capacity

Five multi-user laboratories work together with corporate and institutional laboratories. Hundreds of researchers are given the opportunity to interact in various areas of science.

Skilled labor

The first city in Brazil in number of science and technology professionals, accounting for 13.5% of its workforce. Now, with its University Park, 4 academic campuses have already been established in a consolidated knowledge district.

Privileged infrastructure

Facilities to host and receive numerous international and national technology and business-related missions, events and trade fairs. The Technology Park offers a complete infrastructure, such as a restaurant and auditorium that holds up to 1,000 people.

Special management

The Technology Park has an experienced management team devoted to serving companies, their residents, government agencies, as well as development agencies in several industries.

Strategic location

This knowledge hub is located off of the Presidente Dutra local-express lanes, the main link between SP and RJ, the most important route for the country’s economoy, 95 km (59 miles) from São Paulo, 330 km (205 miles) from Rio de Janeiro, 85 km (53 miles) from Cumbica, São Paulo’s international airport, 130 km (81 miles) from São Sebastião Harbor and 17 km (11 miles) from São José dos Campos international airport.

Tech City Features

Technology features

An infrastructure of power poles and extra networks, which belong to the owners’ association, not bound to any service provider, dedicated to receiving security systems, Internet, surveillance cameras, and other technologies. Each lot will be equipped with its own individual junction box and underground electrical conduits connected to the association's poles.


Power is provided by Bandeirante Energia, allowing the connection of each lot to its nearest pole.


Each lot is equipped with its individual water supply, served by the local water company.

Sewer Utilities

A point of connection to the local sewer utility system provider is available in front of each lot.

Road System

• More than 1,5 km (1 mile) of the Joel de Paula Road has been widened, giving access to the Technology Park, Unifesp and Fatec. The first stretch of the connection of Presidente Dutra Highway to Carvalho Pinto Highway (8km/5 miles).

• The main avenue has a width dimension of 33 meters (108 feet), paved for the interconnection between the future UNESP campus and Joel de Paula road, giving access to the Technology Park, Unifesp and Fatec.

• Fully paved roads.

• Bike lane on the center traffic island.

Leisure Facility

A 14,237.31-m² (153,245.79-ft²) leisure area designed for community integration and socialization, with 42,465.01 m² (457,089.46 ft²) of green area for ​​public use.